Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The United Colors Of Christmas-Time

When people come up to me and ask "Rock?" (I tell people that my name is Rock) "Rock, what is the single greatest Christmas-related moment in the history of live theater and as a follow up to the first part of my question- was that moment ever captured on video for future generations to cherish and enjoy?" I am always quick to answer their questions in a tantilizingly suspense-building reverse order by saying "Yes, the single greatest Christmas-related moment in the history of live theater was captured on video thanks to the genius and foresight of Mr. Ed Sullivan and that moment was the "Turkey Lurkey Time" number from the Burt Bacharach musical "Promises, Promises!" And now, thanks to the Misters Sullivan and Bacharach and the folks at Blue Gobo, I present... "Turkey Lurkey Time!"

If you didn't love and adore that number above everything else you have ever seen or heard in your entire life, then you hate America and you can just go straight to Hell. Thank you.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Rock,

Thank goodness I am not going straight to Hell--apparently I will have a few side trips to cul de sacs of grace along the way, because I dig this!

Please note: I have listed PP as a blog I particularly love this month. As only three people read my blog, and you won't even get a lousy t-shirt, this is a dubious honor. However, I DO love this blog as well as the writing you're doing on your other blog!

Ho ho ho!

Steven Altis said...

Dubious honors are the best kind of honors, 'Spackle' ("Rock & Spackle" would be a cool name for a buddy-cop show) but I've seen the number of people who comment on your blog so there's nothing dubious about this one. Thank you, very much!