Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inside, Outside

So yeah, I've been a slacker of late in re: this here blog, but I've got my reasons... after my week-long 'net troubles got me out of the habit of checking in here every day something even worse befell me- a malady known the world over (except in those places without noticeable climatological changes between the seasons) as Spring Fever! In the last couple weeks the days have been of the sort where the temperature's a practically perfect 71 or so, the sky's the blue of your true love's eyes and the air smells of nothing but lilacs and honeysuckle and the only thing you can do about it is to make sure that every free minute of every day is SPENT OUTSIDE!

The downside of Mother Nature's benevolent kiss is that while I'm sprawled in a lawn chair reading comic books or driving my car aimlessly up and down dirt roads until darkness falls, the blog suffers. But not for long... soon enough I'll be covered in mosquito bites and sunburn and sick to damn death of mowing the lawn and scrubbing splattered bug guts off my windshield and I'll be right back where I belong- sitting in front of the computer with the fan set on 'High', a tall pitcher of iced tea within reach and a hard drive full of Big Boy comic book scans and digital pics of action figures doing stupid things.

Until that day, I leave you in the capable hands of a group of goofy monsters who will entertain you while also educating you in the mysterious ways of 'opposites...'

I think that it was a bit mean-spirited and arbitrary to single out this particular monster for 'ugly' representation...