Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bee, Book And Candy

When you're a big-time, clout-dripping, name-dropping blogger like Arianna Huffington, that puffy, bloated celebrity gossip fellow or little ol' me you often find yourself invited to a variety of what those-in-the-know refer to as 'openings,' 'launch parties' or 'arraignments.' It's all very exciting... very "Sex & The City."

One such launch party was held today in honor of children's book author and two-time 'Iron Chef: Cupcake Edition" winner, Cece Bell and her new picture book "Bee-Wigged" and someone on the staff here at Plastic Pumpkins managed to snag me an invite. I'd like to thank them by name, but I'm not sure that I know their name... anyway, thank you 'guy who whimpers when I throw empty Galliano bottles at him!'

As you can see the party was shoulder-to-shoulder maroon-wearers and youthful Village People fans, but luckily my press credentials allowed me to avoid the crush by giving me access to a special VIP entrance... namely, a window in the ladies room that someone had left propped open.

At a rough estimate I'd say that 153 million copies of Ms. Bell's new book were sold and signed at the event. At least that's how many people seemed to be standing in front of me in line. A quick suggestion for your next book launch, Ms. Bell? Head of the line priority seating for VIP attendees.

I ate three whole platters-full of these bee cupcakes. Many, many teary-eyed children had to go without, but they weren't my kids, so whatever....

Bee-shirts! Like 'tee-shirts' only with a 'b'!

Sock Monkey Cameo #1!


...and- um... bee-fter?

"Bees without a face
got no apian grace
your bees without a face...

Ummmm... I forgot to snag one of these Sock Monkey buttons...

I hate that my only Bit-O-Honey picture came out blurry but I have to post it anyway or otherwise my 'Bee, Book and Candy' title is meaningless and I refuse to lose that!

Sock Monkey Cameo #2!

To sum up: the cupcakes were tasty, the punch was sassy, "Bee-Wigged" is an excellent book that you should run out and purchase from your local neighborhood bookseller (or Amazon it!) when it is released in a few days and also, somebody needs to send me one of those Sock Monkey buttons... my name's on the mailing list.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's Afraid Of The Big, Bad Simzilla?

After far, far too long a period of inactivity, the ocean's waters roil and the mighty foot fall of Godzilla is heard echoing once more through the glass canyons of SimCity. What fearsome fate awaits this fair metropolis at the scaly paws of a well-rested kaiju?

Godzilla has invited the neighbors over for dinner...

Oh, Godzilla! You're so gosh darn literal!

When did you become a homeowner?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mr. Boy Goes To Washington

Big Boy is the Fonz of restaurant mascots.

Neither of Big Boy's friends have heard of the Smithsonian... are they Bangladeshi?

It wasn't until I was scanning this that I realized I'm old enough to be president. Key-ripes!