Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Itty Bitty Cowpoke

Friday, May 15, 2009

Puffy Heroics

For a brief period in the late '70's and early '80's, Peter Parker's spider-sense warned him of danger not via a tingling sensation in his head, but through a series of small, yet explosive, gaseous discharges. Like the organic web-spinner glands in his forearms intoduced to the comic many years later, it was an idea with few admirers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Last Thing You See Is The Ring... And The Tongue

"I swear... if that damn Tad doesn't stop calling me I'm having his number blocked! Am I the guy's only friend or what? The only friend who'll put up with all that pretentious "Me llamo-" crap, that's who I am! What's with the Spanish accent Tad? You're from Iowa! Oh, man this is taking- "

"- what the? Oh, hey ! I didn't see you there! I was just eating my cell phone. I tell you, the plastic cases they got on these suckers nowadays ain't easy to crack when you got just one tooth working for you!"

"What? You too? What is it with that guy? Every five minutes - 'Briiing Briiing' Why who could that be? Oh, big surprise! It's Tad! Yeah, Tad... I got caller ID no need to introduce yourself every frickin..... hey.... what's that you got there? Is that a... it is! It's a Kodak EasyShare DX4530! Man, I've read some excellent reviews on that thing! You like it? Yeah, it work good for you? Cool, cool...........

........... could I take a look at it?"

"Dude, come on! Just let me take a look at your camera!"

"I've been thinking about getting one of these cameras for myself. I just want to get a feel for what it's like in my hands!"

"I just want to take a look at your camera! Just give me the camera- dude, gimme the-"

"I'm not gonna eat it! I'm not- ! I'm.... not.... gonna... grrrrrrr.... just..... let..... go.... of....."