Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'd Forgotten How Cool The Word "Hallowe'en" Looks With That Apostrophe Stuck In There!

Boy, is it musty in here.

It smells like a grandmother's attic... old paper, old toys, old clothing all baking together in an peaked cedar oven... it's making me a bit light-headed. Shoulda cracked a window before I left.

Quiet in here, too. And dark. And a bit lonely. And I keep thinking I see something moving around in the darker corners, behind all the boxes and the dressmaker's dummy. Actually, I don't remember there being a dressmaker's dummy in here...

Hey, remember when I had a blog somewhere around these parts? Well, if you do than you are obviously doing a lot better than me in the memory retention department 'cause I seem to have forgotten all about it. One lonely little post since the end of last year's Hallowe'en Countdown and here I am slipping in the front door about two hours before this year's countdown begins to throw my Ben Cooper mask into the ring and say "Hey! You five people who still check in here once a week or so... I'm back!"

Thrilled. The crowd is thrilled. I can feel the trilling of your thrilling right through my Yoo-Hoo sticky and Cheetoh-dyed keyboard.

Forsaken and forgotten poor little Plastic Pumpkins may be, but there's no way I could let a Hallowe'en Countdown pass by without taking part in it in some minor fashion. So for the next 31 days I'll be here doing my small, quiet bit to celebrate the season with a least one Hallowe'en-ish post each day. My contributions this time around won't be anywhere near as elaborate as they may have been in past years, but there are plenty of other blogs out there picking up the slack and if you click on the cool Cryptkeeper button to the right of your screen you'll be zapped to Countdown central and from there you can fan out, ringing as many doorbells as you can before Oct. 31st. The virtual goodie bag is bottomless so don't be shy. Grab as much as you can! Every blog with the front porch light on is fair game!

Hey! Where'd that dummy go?