Sunday, July 23, 2006

Links That Time Forgot

I'm not such a complete throwback that even I don't realize that the reign of 'The Sims' has long since become the stuff of which 95-seconds worth of an episode of "I Heart The Which-Is-Its" is built around. It's been some time since I gave up on my dreams of recreating every fictional city in the DC Comics Universe in Sim-land form or of building an entire neighborhood populated by nothing but pornographic versions of beloved storybook characters. I was once as Sims-addicted as the next virgin... 12 different neighborhoods I had. I had a neighborhood full of nothing but animal people. I had a neighborhood where it was Halloween 365-days a year. I had the biggest gay Sims neighborhood on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Those last two things were pretty much the same. I had all this and yet there was so much still to be done. I had plans.

Then about a year and a half ago I moved and somehow managed to loose the cd on which I had burned every original object and skin I had downloaded over the previous three years. It was like a death. That cd represented hours and hours and hours of lonely nights' work. I still cringe when I think of the lost skins... two beautiful dragons, a skateboarding demon, the princess from the Candyland board game... it was all too much to bear. I could never look at the Sims in the same way.

Then yesterday in the course of Googling something else entirely I fell upon a Sims site which I had somehow managed to miss in all my sad-boy years of daily forum-surfing... a Sims site with- Oh God! Dare I believe my eyes?- a Godzilla skin! I never thought it possible! And lord help me, there's Rodan right beside him, and some other Giant Monster Somebodies who I don't recognize but are still awe-friggin'-some! And Ultraman! And King Kong!

The old Sims fire was alive in me again! I cranked up my "Makin' Magic" disc and started doing just that. God bless you Sims Pit!

So if anbody other than me will still cream over this kinda thing, that's a link up there at the top in case you missed. Enjoy. It's awesome.

But damn it, now I need Pee & Poo skins!

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