Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm In The Mood For... Something Hallowe'en-ish That Rhymes With 'Love'

It's not even Labor Day yet and already visions of October Joys are dancing in my head... October Joys are a lot like Almond Joys only with candy corns in place of the almond. Don't steal my idea Peter Paul!... While it doesn't ever take much to put me in the Hallowe'en spirit, I do have to credit this year's unseasonably early excitement in large part to a trailer I recently stumbled across advertising a movie that I somehow managed to never have known to exist even though it is obviously going to be the greatest movie ever made!!! Now I don't normally get all hype-y and ecstatic over movies that haven't even come out yet... in the past I've been seriously burned by the sheer crappiness of every single movie that I've ever looked forward to seeing... but the recent all-dancing, all-singing, way-gay glory that was Hairspray has given me new faith in Hollywoodland and the pinstripe-suited and fedora-hatted men who work there and the busty, brassy babes who take their dictation. And while most of you scary movie loving types are probably already way ahead of me on this one I still present you (via YouTube and whoever it was that uploaded it there) with the orange and black hued goodness known as... Trick 'r Treat-

Wasn't that awesome? If you didn't think that was awesome just tell me right now and then leave here forever! Also, Anna Paquin dressed as Little Red Ridinghood? Tingly!

Unfortunately, the bad news is that Warner Bros. has just recently bumped this movie from it's original Oct. 5th release date and will now be releasing it sometime in 2008. I'm losing my faith! I'm losing my faith!!!

Fortunately, the good news is that I'm gearing up for another October full of Hallowe'en funshines here at the blog! And I even promise to cram in a few non-Hallowe'en posts in September as well 'cause in spite of my devil-may-care, toe-tapping attitude I feel really sad about how neglected poor little Plastic Pumpkins has been this summer. I'm a bad father... a bad, bad father.


Rozum said...

Nice to see you back, Steven! That sweltering room wasn't the same without you. I'm on a slow dial-up, so will have to watch the trailer later.

I, too, am gearing up for Halloween, prowling the stores in the hopes that the back to school stuff will be gone and the halloween stuff will be out; making stuff to put out in my yard this year; buying DVDs to watch, and figuring out a rough idea of what I'm going to post this year.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you offer up this year as well. I loved the way our sites and a few others created a really great virtual trick-or-treat bucket full of goodies last year.

Steven A. said...

I've been camping out at my local Target, cornering every manager that comes near me and hounding them to start unloading the holiday goodies - "Come on... I know you've got the Hallowe'en stuff in the back. Bring it on out. Everybody's already got all the back-to-school stuff they're gonna get... come on! Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! Pleeeeeeease!" I'm very close to having restraining orders filed against me.
Last year's blog postings were awesome and I'm really looking forward to making the rounds this year. It's like 31 days of virtual trick or treating!