Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free To Be Santa & Me!

Proving that Montgomery Ward wasn't just a one-hit open sleigh with their contribution of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer to the modern Christmas mythos, I am proud to re-present that seminal (I'm not sure I actually know what that word means) holiday classic "Santa! Santa!" which introduced the world to beloved childhood icon, Picasso Claus.

Brought to you by Montgomery Ward, teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony since a couple of years after they saw Coke do it.

Christmas is dipping into Mommy and Daddy's stash.

'Shopping,' 'new toys' and 'dolls?' Who would have thought that a department store would have such a materialistic view of Christmas?

AAAAAHHH!! Infinity!!

The strange thing is that nobody in this picture is wearing pants..

Christmas is parties.... parties in prison.

Kids were all about Cubism back in 1974.

I used to leave my crayons in a bowl out in the sun just to see what kind of swirly chunk of wax I'd end up with when they all melted together which is probably why I started coloring this page with a ballpoint pen.

I miss Montgomery Ward if for nothing more than the ultra-swank 'audio nook' our local store had back in the seventies. A dark little grotto that was covered wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in blue shag carpeting and outfitted with not only the latest in home stereo systems, but also... oh, the glory of it all... disco balls! Stepping into this dark little den of stoner rock and Saturday night fevers always made me feel a little excited and dirty at the same time, like a sexless Playboy Mansion if I had even know such a place existed back then. And I probably did 'cause I was kind of a pervy little kid.

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