Saturday, April 05, 2008

'Cause Moody's How I Feel

I'm not usually one to let the weather affect my general disposition, I'm much too self-involved for most external things to have any bearing on my life at all. Everything outside of a 1/2 foot radius of myself is pretty much just a meaningless blur of shapes and colors which only catch my attentions when they wave food or money beneath my nose. This past week has been a whole 'nother story... a couple of weeks into Spring and we're still getting nothing but gloomy, overcast days full of drizzle, sleet, hail and 30 degree temperatures. I'm over all this and have been over it since late February and now it's gone past being a minor annoyance and has put me into a foul, dark mood for this whole week passed. I'm just wandering the city streets looking for people to yell at and when that fails I start looking for kitties and fluffy bunnies and seeing if I can make them cry.

We're heading into the second week of April and I need to be sitting in the garden sipping my icy cold mint juleps while fanning myself and humming soft hymns to the evening stars and instead I'm huddled up in the pouring rain thinking up new and poetic ways to besmirch the names of various deities every time another gutter full of ice water splashes down the back of my neck. Fie!

But the flowers are beginning to bloom in spite of the weather so yesterday afternoon I thumbed my nose at pneumonia and went outside to commune with the garden. And I found that the garden looked as soggy, rusted and mildew covered as I felt...

This last picture is dedicated to the strange little girl who followed me around the Goodwill store the other day screaming "The eensy, beansy spider climbed up the water spout..." over and over and over again until I finally had to scream, "It's 'itsy-bitsy' you idiot!"

Sorry about the whole 'making you screech and run away' thing, strange little girl.

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toxiferous said...

Those pictures are really great (and yeah, the last one is definitely my favorite).