Monday, May 26, 2008

Memories... Light The Corners Of My Mind

So... yeah. How you been?

So what's the deal with the no posts since April? What's that and what is up with it? Where is that going and what's it gonna do when it gets there?

Well, first I drop my camera over a waterfall (true story), then I accidently knock an unopened bottle of Coke, and I mean one of those heavy glass mothers, off my desk and onto my scanner which was sitting right below it with the lid up and which made a cracky, tinkly sound when a Coke bottle was dropped on it (true story) and then I made angry, shaky Basil Fawlty fists in God's direction and then tripped over a moose head.

True story.

So without a camera or a scanner and with not enough gumption to just make up my mind which new camera and scanner I want to buy to replace them I haven't had much blog-worthy material to post in the past month. I almost resorted to "What I Had To Eat Today Posts" just to keep things humming along around here. Today I ate Minty Chocolate S'moreo TIE-Fighters. Yummy!

So anyway, it's Memorial Day. And, since I can't let a holiday pass by without a post, here are some pictures of memorials that I took at a local cemetary a few months back...


Raven said...

Tripped over a moose head?

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Serve ya right for stealin' my moose head, ya jamoke!
2) Man, I'm sorry to hear that. What a nasty spate of misfortune. You need a camera! Buy a Canon somethin' somethin'?
3) I was pretty sure that you married Stevie Nicks. We can pretend you did. But, she's a real plate-thrower, so I suggest we pretend you got married, got divorced, got sweet lifetime alimony, and retain conjugal visitation rights. Okey-dokey?
4) I love the pictures.
5) At the same time, I feel compelled to write captions for them. For example, for the statues of children, I would like to add, "Timmy, I hate to break it to you, but we're dead." For the vigilant one, I'd like to add "Now Mercy Maud, where did I put my soul. Is it in my button box?
6) Glad you're back. Let's be careful out there.
7) Today, I ate mango sorbet.

Rozum said...

And here I thought you were just enjoying your honeymoon with Stevie.

Welcome back.

Steven A. said...

Yes, a moose head. Like you've never tripped over a moose head. I forgot to mention that it was stuffed. Does a stuffed moose head make more sense?

A Canon somethin' somethin' was so at the top of my list, but by the time I had made up my mind for sure that was what I wanted they had come out with a Canon somethin' somethin' else and then I hemmed and hawed about that so long that they came out with a Canon somethin' somethin' else even better. This one is being hawked by Ashton Kutcher though, so it's probably a given that I'll be buying that. Why would the man who brought us 'Punk'd' steer us wrong?

And that whole camera over a waterfall thing was just one small part of some very wacky honeymoon shenanigans! If you want to go on a honeymoon, I highly recommend doing so with a rock goddess... and a camera strap.