Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mr. Boy Goes To Washington

Big Boy is the Fonz of restaurant mascots.

Neither of Big Boy's friends have heard of the Smithsonian... are they Bangladeshi?

It wasn't until I was scanning this that I realized I'm old enough to be president. Key-ripes!


Sam said...

I can't wait for Sarah Palin to get to Washington and kick out the Good Old Big Boy Network!

Maria said...

If Big Boy is larger than the average boy, and if his history hating school chums are the same size as Big Boy, then Tripp's claim that the history text is stunting his growth is preposterous! Plus his laundry list of George Washington facts makes me think that he only pretended to hate history to appear cool to Katie! There's something definitely fishy about that guy.

Cool Big Boymobile! It seems to be equally influenced by the Popemobile, the Boy in the Plastic Bubble, and one of those hamster balls.

Steven A. said...

Maria put too much thought into Big Boy comic! Maria make Hulk head hurt!

I can readily agree with you on two points, however. Tripp is the very essence of fishy, bottled and sold over the counter... and Big Boy's car is Pope-tastic!