Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Birds & The Bee

Hello and welcome to your Wednesday stop on the Bee-Wigged Blog Tour! To all you Cece Bell fans out there who are making your first visit to this blog I would like to apologize in advance for the fact that this post will not make a lick of sense. Nor a bushel, nor a peck of sense. Just roll with it...

"How much further is it to the kitchen, Jeremy? If I don't get a juice box soon I may well swoon!"

"Does anybody ever vacuum these carpets. Remind me to Google our local Merry Maids..."

"Why, Jeremy... look at yonder book propped conveniently and photogenically at the base of my Sesame Street sleeper couch! 'Bee-Wigged' it is called! Is that the same 'Bee-Wigged' book that you were speaking of the other day, Jeremy? Is it? Is that the same 'Bee-Wigged' book you read while waiting for me at the dentist office? 'Bee-Wigged?' Is that the book? Is that the same 'Bee-Wigged' book you couldn't put down? 'Bee-Wigged?' Is it? 'Bee-Wigged?"

"Is that the self-same 'Bee-Wigged' storybook written and charmingly illustrated by Cece Bell, she of the Sock Monkey & cupcake fame? Is that the same 'Bee-Wigged' that tells the touching, yet hilarious story of a very large bee named Jerry who's unusual and off-putting size makes it hard for him to find friends until he happily stumbles upon a cast-aside wig that leads him to be mistaken for a human boy who is soon the most popular kid in school until an errant gust of wind blows away his wig, revealing him for the giant bee that he is?"

"Is this the same 'Bee-Wigged' that teaches us all the value of real friendship and the importance of being true to ourselves and accepting others for who and what they are?"

"Is this the same 'Bee-Wigged' that features a surprising final reel twist like something out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, if M. Night Shyamalan wasn't a one-note hack who's scripts read like a rejected 'Twilight Zone' pitch... and I'm talking the '80's remake, not the original?"

"Is this the same 'Bee-Wigged' of which I speak?'

"It is!"

"Well, Jeremy... I think that I should very much enjoy reading this delightful book for myself!"



"Someone has doodled in our book..."

"This is a very high quality grade of paper, Jeremy."

"What do you mean when you say that you are having second thoughts about me reading this book, Jeremy? I thought that you couldn't recommend it highly enough!"

"Well... why should I have a problem with a giant bee?

"Well, giant bunnies are a completely different matter now aren't they, Jeremy? And I'm not sure that I appreciate your use of the term 'freaked-out.' That scream was my fear-instilling battle-cry and the tears... they were... well I have very dry corneas if you must know!"

"Nonsense, Jeremy! I shall be fine!"

"Freaked-out by a giant bee... the very thought!"














And I could go on like this all day. Ya'll should get out now while you still can. In fact, you should all put on some pants, grab your car keys and head on down to your local bookseller and pick up a copy of 'Bee-Wigged' (and any other book that catches your eye) for yourself! Or if you are like me and you haven't done a load of laundry in four and a half weeks then you can head on over to Amazon
and order a copy.

They don't care if you're not wearing pants. That's like their slogan or something.


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Anonymous said...

Out of the park!!! Madelyn

Z-Kids said...

Loved it! Truly wonderful review - and we WILL be looking for Bee-wigged...

Sam said...

Glad it got a good review. After Beakbelly's savage critique of American Pastoral, I didn't know what to expect.

Steven A. said...

Madelyn: I get told that a lot... mostly because I have poor socialization skills and never let anyone else have a turn on the swingset.

Z-Dad: You must buy, read & review!

Sam: Once we got Beakbelly settled down (Thank you Children's Nyquil!) he did quite enjoy Bee-Wigged. His major problem with American Pastoral was that he was expecting a lot more Kevin Spacey.