Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"This Portion Of Plastic Pumpkins Brought To You By..."


halloween spirit said...

There were days when a bottle or two of that would have been useful!

Good to have you back.

ghostcat said...

Good spin. I implore you to post it on MomTimes for the benefit of my mother.

Although my spin was alright and I do say so m'self.


Steven A. said...

halloween spirit - Thanks! I'm sort of back and sort of not back, but I hope to be more back and less not back sometime soon

ghostcat - I've not seen you spin. I've seen you pass out and if your spin is anything like your fall then it's alright indeed.


Hmmm... I kid you not, my word verification is 'spinsun' The internet knows what we're talking about... it always knows.