Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Four Quick Steps To Death!!

While 'The Electric Company' television show focused almost entirely on vocabulary-related songs and skits, it's companion magazine delved into all sorts of different areas. Occasionally they'd muscle their way into 'ZOOM' territory by offering their readers fun tricks, experiments and recipes that they could try in their own homes. They were far-ranging bits of 'how-to-itiveness,' covering everything from how to make your own sex doll to how to breed virulent colonies of bacteria in your oven. Here are a few random samplings. Have fun and remember- if your mom catches you don't tell her who gave you the idea...

The loneliest little boy in the world.

This trick always made me very nervous when I was younger. As a child having a balloon pop in my face was one of my biggest fears, right after evil robots and two-headed Dracula/Wolfman monsters.

I can not over stress how important it is that you do not try this recipe at home. Leaving milk & yogurt sitting in a tepid pool of water in a warm oven might give you even more yogurt than you started off with, but it might also leave you with that much more food poisoning than you started with as well.

Theoretically my favorite bit of 'do-it-yourselfness' in the whole bunch. 'Theoretically' because there are just way to many steps for me to try this myself...

While Julia Grownup is cooking up pots full of biological warfare in her kitchen, The Mad Scientist is attempting to take over the world with static electricity. Poor bitch.

It was pretty and green, so I scanned it. Test your sharp shooting skills with the 'Annie Oakley Aim Game.' Then drink yourself into a rotgut stupor and try to slip a little tongue to Sitting Bull.

Tomorrow brings us to the end of our week-long Electric Company gala and with it the most anti-climatic climax since humankind began climaxing. Really, I've pretty much got nothing for tomorrow's post...

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