Thursday, February 26, 2009

1. The Bagboy Wonder

Feast your eyes on this! It's what every boy dreams of getting when he plunks his quarter into the gumball machine and spins that shiny silver knob. It's a small plastic bag with a picture of Robin, the Boy Wonder on it! Proud, proud Robin with his tiny, tiny panties and his little elf shoes and his disturbingly shapely, hairless legs.

Since the day that the vending machine gods saw fit to plunk this into the palm of my little hand I've tried to think about what I might keep in this plastic Robin bag, but nothing seems worthy enough. I think that when I die, I shall have myself cremated and ask that my ashes be stored for all eternity in this wonderful plastic bag!


Sam said...

Sorry, your cremated remains still wouldn't be quite worthy enough.

Maybe if it was your cremated remains PLUS a Magnum P.I. TV episode novelization.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Magnum P.I. TV episode, your ashes, plus that freaky chickeny action figure thingy.