Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cartoon Character Card Games #2: Yogi Bear Rummy

The Yogi Bear Rummy Game played just like regular gin, more or less. Instead of regular suites, each character's card came in "Hats," "Sacks," "Ties," and "Hams" suites. At some point in this particular pack of cards' history someone appears to have eaten half of the Boo Boo "Ham" card... that's why you should always have bowls of snacks within easy reach on game night.

Speaking of Cindy Bear... has everyone seen that "Bedrock Idol" Pebbles Cereal ad? Tell me when Betty Rubble has ever looked hotter...

Purple Snagglepuss is just wrong.

I've never played gin with jokers before so I don't know what this is doing here.

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