Thursday, September 06, 2007

Safety First! (Racial Sensitivity Second)

I think the 1974 copyright date on the cover of this elementary school giveaway might be a bit misleading... I get the feeling that this very same booklet had been given out for many years prior. And while I got the exact same booklet when I was in the first grade this is actually my younger brother's copy. He wouldn't have been in the first grade until the early '80's... imagine how dated this thing seemed by then!

This page is creepy, right? It's not just me?

...hee, hee...

Because monkeys are highly explosive?

"Pedestrians" is not on the 1st grade vocabulary list.

So is "Hole" safe or not safe? Or does it just depend on the hole?

Urm... could the clown's line of sight be any more icky?

If you can get him to say his name backwards he'll have to return to his home dimension and stop stealing your kites.

Continuing our series of 'Clowns With Gouged-Out Eyes'

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samriddleburger said...

There's so much wrong with so much of this, but I was drawn by the little note at the beginning:
"Contests may be held."

Frivolity may ensue.