Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How To Make A Monster


John Rozum said...

Where has that been all my life? I've never even seen that before. From the box it looks like it was early 80s?

Sparkle Plenty said...

You can also make a monster by feeding a whole lotta candy and doughnuts to a three-year-old child. Really! It has been proven!

Happy Impending Hallowe'en! I'm gonna go as Disaffected Youth this year! Either that or the Plunging Egyptian Stock Market!

Steven A. said...

john- the box has a 1977 copyright on it and the boy in the little pic on the box front is sporting a very '70's looking turtleneck/knit vest combo but I don't remember being that young when I got this so I'm wondering how long it was on the market.

sparkle- let a four-year-old have a couple of sips of your mocha frappachino sometime... it's like watching a contained atomic explosion go off!

Strangely enough, I was planning on going as a Disinfecting Newt this year.

Todd Franklin said...

Glad to see you at the Halloween party! Wow, that's cool monster game and nice that you played with it outside. Great pics!

Steven A. said...

Fashionably late to the party, but I'll try to overstay my welcome and hang out on the couch until the new year at least!

I always play with my toys outside... I love to worry the neighbors.