Thursday, October 23, 2008

Name That Monster!

I've blanked out the names that I came up with back when I was six so that you can take part in the great Electric Company Magazine Name The Monster contest,too. Or if that sounds like too much trouble then you can at least try and guess which of these creatures I tagged with the names Gross Cooker, Peddler Pig-Person and Gas Guzzler!


Sam said...

1. Stutz Bearbat
4. Bernie Taupin
2. Co-Pilot Doug
3. Burr Nankie
5. Little Webbie
6. Captain Waveman

Ghostcat said...

1) The Fuel Injector
2) Maggot-ass Space-wig
3) Gillfin
4) Syd Barret's Snufflelufugus
5) Martha Stewart
6) Enuresis

Steven A. said...

Next summer I'm going to be bellowing "Captain Waaaaaaavemaaaaan!" at the top of my lungs everytime I cannonball into a pool. Which will be either zero or one times, as I do not know how to swim.

'Maggot-ass Space-wig' falls into the same hazy "not so much a name as an overly descriptive word picture" category as does 'Peddler Pig-Person' although the inclusion of the word 'ass' makes it all the funnier!