Friday, December 01, 2006

And Then Came Christmas!

Get ready to "Fa-la-la" your brains out 'cause December is here and that means that the next 25 or so days are all about Christmas- Christmas swag, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and yes... I even have a Christmas-themed issue or two of Highlights Magazine laying around the place somewhere. I don't remember how or when I acquired such a huge pile of old Highlights, but I've got at least one for every major holiday and that makes for some ready made blog posts!

So hurry up and get all your Christmas shopping done early so you can sit back, relax and keep checking back here for as much cool Christmas junk as I can scan, photograph or link to in between all of those real world obligations that Christmas brings along with it! You know I'm all about the wassailing, baby!

1 comment:

Todd Franklin said...

Sound like fun! I'll be watching with a glass of eggnog!