Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Imaginary Friends

This very tiny (less than two inches high) yet nifty address book souvenir of someone's Great Smokey Mountains adventure has been in my possession since I was just a little thing and found it at the bottom of a box of junk on a shelf in the storeroom of my grandparent's antique shop. I was too young to appreciate the hand-painted wonder of that cover, but I did like what I saw inside- some kid previous to me had filled the pages with dinosaurs, robots and Bugaloos!

It's outsider art-

There were only a few pages that weren't already doodled on, but I filled those up quickly enough. Here's an example of my contribution to the project-

I think I manged to retain the spirit of the original artist's intent while adding a little something of my own aesthetic sensibilities to the work... namely lots of blue!

This last drawing is my favorite-

How creepy and enigmatic can you get? What the heck is that thing? A guy going up in flames? A living straw man lurching at you from the darkness? Pigpen looking for someone to hug him?


emmie johnson said...

Kids can come up with really interesting and animated sketches at times. This is similar to what my 2 year old niece scribbles on her scrapbook. But I love her work nevertheless.
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bill said...

Children's art is on the top of my list!