Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things To Make & Match

My bottomless pile of ancient Highights magazines has failed me miserably in the Valentine's Day department. These two and a quarter pages worth of holiday related material wouldn't even have been worth the scanning and posting if not for that scary-ass bleeding-eyed Indian kid in the lower corner of the second craft page. That kid looks like something that would come crawling out of a mirror in a Japanese horror flick.



Bill said...

Loved 'Things To Make'. I'd turn to the back pages of each new issue just to see this first. Then I'd backtrack to The Timbertoes, Goofus & Gallant and the black and white drawings where you'd have to find hidden objects, like squirrels and waterpots hidden in trees or some kid's jeans. Anyway, I was a diehard Highlights reader and always enjoyed finding a stash at the bank or in a dental office.


Marty Weil said...

all the epehemera you feature is great...just thought I'd leave a general comment...wonderful stuff, very entertaining.