Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here's Waldo

In my vision of a perfect world I have a room in my house lined with filing cabinets all filled with the books and magazines and toys and whatnots that I want to scan and photo and one day post on this blog. They are all alphabetized and cross-referenced and indexed on some amazing computer program that will tell me exactly which page of which issue of which magazine had that article on chisenbop that I wanted to scan for 'National Nice Try Anyway Day' and in which drawer of which filing cabinet I can find that magazine. That way, when I promise someone that I'll do a post of Waldo Widdershin comics from Cricket magazine, than I can post all fifty-something Waldo Widdershin comics in my possession in one glorious and thorough Waldo Widdershin mega-post that will become the definitive go-to post on Waldo Widdershin in all of the internetdom.

In real life I have various piles of junk stored in various unmarked containers scattered throughout various rooms, closets, sheds and storage buildings. In real life I have to make do with posting the four Waldo Widdershin comics that were closest to the tops of innumerable heaps of paper goods. But I promise to post more as they rise to the surface...

1 comment:

Chris Jepsen said...

Well, THAT brings back some memories!

I particularly like the one about "stuffed pheasant with cranberries."

Yes, the call of packratdom carries with it the burden of organization. I sympathize.