Thursday, August 20, 2009

See Huck Talk

Via that break-thru technological sensation of modern science known as Scroll-O-Vision I am pleased to present Plastic Pumpkins' latest ground-breaking, edge-cutting featurette... Talking Huck! What is Scroll-O-Vision and how can it bring a cartoon portrait of Huckleberry Hound to life? You've heard of flip books, right? Well this is 2009's digitalised answer to that hoary old pastime. See that vertical-running scroll bar on the side of your computer monitor? Simply click on the bottom of that bar and use your mouse to scroll your screen down as quickly as you can all the while staring unblinkingly at Mr. Hound. Wow! It looks like he's really talking to you doesn't it? And the fun doesn't have to end just because I reached a limit on how many times I was interested in cutting and pasting the html code for these two pictures. When you hit the end of this post simply scroll back up again as fast as you can. And then back down again. And then up again. And down. And up. And down. You and Huck can carry on imaginary conversations for hours on end!

If it didn't look like Huck was really talking to you, then you were probably doing something wrong. Or maybe you need to clear your cache. Try clearing your cache.

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