Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stranger In The Night


Sparkle Plenty said...

I've been AWOL and have missed many excellent posts here PLUS another boss new banner. You havin' a good summer? Hope so!

Cannily, I did some googlin' so now I know: "While it remains a safe attraction, it has simply reached the end of its service life," Larry Giles, vice president of engineering and design at the James City County theme park, said.

"The end of its service life?" What the heck does that mean? If it's safe you should keep the ride!

And: "The Virginian-Pilot said no announcement is currently planned for the future replacement of the Big Bad Wolf."

Who could replace the Big Bad Wolf? A Hanzel and Gretel's Witch Ride covered in candy? I think not. Although, that ain't bad, come to think of it...

My condolences on the loss of your wolf!

(My word verification word is "plizz" which could not possibly BE more "lolcats."

Sam said...

Bring this puppet next time you visit and I'll put on our Romper Room Lp and we can all cut a rug.

re: Big Bad
Can't believe it's done for already. I usually don't say this but it really makes me feel old.
Do you think they'll replace it with another ride or a gift shop or even better a Premium ride that costs a little extra.