Saturday, October 15, 2011

Atari Evil

Before Resident Evil. Before Silent Hill. Before Doom.... Haunted House was the first (and second) name in video game horror. The premise was simple, but sinister- stay alive inside a haunted house long enough to gather the pieces of a shattered urn (Super Glue not included) and then find your way back out again. The giant tarantulas, rabid bats and fearsome shades that would appear out of nowhere made this game an edge of your seat thrill ride that you wouldn't want to play when you were home alone on a dark and stormy night.

If you're too young to have played Haunted House back in its early '80's heydays you're in luck- someone has taken the time to post an entire round of the game on YouTube-

I look back on things like this and often wonder at how stupid the world was in my youth.

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Tom said...

Stupid?! This game was awesome! In fact, it was so awesome, that when I borrowed it from a friend, I never returned it and I have still have it. Sorry, Rich.