Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Footie Pajamas Of Satan

I love the illustrations in this book, but some of the puns are bad enough to kill a goat. One of those nervous fainting goat types. If you took this book out into a field of fainting goats and read a few pages aloud I'm sure you'd stop the hearts of at least a good half dozen of the little high strung ungulates. If you want to try it out for yourself you can find copies of this book on Amazon. A new copy will cost you $61.00 American or you can grab a used one for 13 cents. Or you can split the difference and pick up a copy at your local Friends of the Library book sale for a quarter, which is what I did. And yes, 25 cents is the difference between 13 cents and 61 dollars. Never question my math.

Are that one dude's feet part of his clothing? Does he change feet according to the whim of the moment like that lady in Oz changed heads?

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