Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cunning Use Of Flags or Your 2011 Columbus Day Bonus Post

Be careful while you are looking for these hidden objects that you don't accidentally run into some completely different objects altogether and think that they were the objects that you were looking for in the first place even though they are nowhere near where those objects actually are. Or something like that. What did this guy do, again? He found something that he wasn't looking for that other people had already found and that wasn't what he thought it was anyway? Something like that? Or he found someplace that nobody had found before, but thought it was someplace that everybody already knew about? Which one of those was it? Was he a Pilgrim? Was he before the Pilgrims or after the Pilgrims? He was Italian, right? Was he the one who stole noodles from the Chinese and took them back to Italy so that centuries later Americans would think that Italians invented noodles? Noodle stealing bastard!

Happy Columbus Day!

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