Monday, June 09, 2008

The Old Dark House


Sparkle Plenty said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE, Steven A.!!! I found it at a local library a few years ago. Have you seen it? I've watched it with a couple of friends, one of whom felt it was "too slow." I wanted to bop them over the head with a sock full of tomatoes (nothing painful, just a whatchoo thinkin' nudge).

I very much enjoyed Simzilla being frightened by a plastic flamingo. Limited story potential? Perhaps. Yet, excellent physical comedy on the part of Simzilla and the highly underrated flamingo.

Ghostcat said...

Boy howdy, that house sure does seem awful dark!

Rozum said...

Those shots taken of the tv screen add an extra layer of haunting beauty to that great movie.

Steven A. said...

sparkle - TODH has been a favorite of mine for years and anyone who thinks that it's 'slow' deserves to be whalloped with vegetable-like fruits. You've got rock slides; disfigured, lurching man-monster houseboys; and crazy gypsy-ladies with a fondness for caressing pretty young ladies all within the first 15 minutes. Where's the slow?

ghostcat - I'm glad that the darkness of the titular edifice shown through for you, but why no mention of its oldness or housiness? Did my pictures fail to convey those adequately enough for you or were you just too busy with "paperwork" to take the time to mention those particular aspects.

rozum - It didn't take a lot of effort to layer extra beauty on this movie. Every time I see it I'm amazed at how beautifully so many of the scenes were shot... impressive even on the crap-quality prints that seem to be the only ones I ever see. Where's the enhanced, restored collector's edition DVD?