Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unidentified Flying Space Pirate U.F.O. Ogres From Space

Shogun Warriors Present the mighty Dragun starring in:

"The U.F.O. Invasion!"

or "Space Pirates." Whichever

What a pair of smug looking pricks. I hope something bad happens to them.

It's not so much that her father doesn't believe her, it's just that he can't get his mind off that dreamy new sandwich boy at the office.

Oh, dear! Apparently, turning on their lights is how females of the space ogre species indicate that they're 'open for business.'

"There's a tailpipe somewhere in great emotional distress!"

This picture is all kinds of wonderful and I don't even need to explain why!

Meanwhile, in SimCity...

The World Security Agency just poo'd themselves a little.

That is some awesome back fat the gentlemen in the background is sporting.

"Help me Dragun-Won... you're my only hope!"

Those wavy lines actually represent the dangerous amounts of microwave radiation that are constantly leaking out of Dragun's head spikes.

Colored on the Island of Misfit Crayolas

"Thanks for saving us, Dragun! Dragun? Why does it feel like my organs are broiling?"

My dog does the exact same thing to guests. It's so embarrassing.

"Zing, zing, zing went my shuriken..."

"Fwoooosh, fwoooosh, fwoooosh went my axe..."

That was a little too easy even for a coloring book.

"Zot, zap, zing went my heartstrings as I shot off a volley of darts!"

Oooooh. Genocide is all blue & pretty!

That'll teach you to hump our mass transit.

Cool! It looks just like the one that got et!

"Ha, ha, ha! A planet died today!"

Hey... that sounds just like 'dragon.'


Sparkle Plenty said...

1) How DOES that little girl get the dog to walk so peaceably at her side without a leash? I'm jealous. No wonder they look smug. Perhaps the dog is drugged.
2) There are some very excellently colored pictures here that I would definitely put on my fridge--particularly "It Looks Bad for Dragun." I think if I looked at that when I was having a bad day, it would somehow make me feel better.
3) I thought the father got kidnapped in his car? But, then he's back? (More to the point: Why am I looking for soundness of plot in this coloring book?)
4) I'm afraid Dragun is inadvertently gonna squeeze the girl and puppy like tubes of toothpaste. He does not know his own strength.
5) Very funny captions, Steven A. Once again, you have proved that the scanner/magnalaser of wit, is the best superpower of all.

Sparkle Plenty said...

P.S. I stole one of these pictures and put it on my blog--attributed to you and with a link to ya.

Steven A. said...

1)She uses the fear of wild coyote attack to keep the dog close to her side.
2)The page where Dragun's about to get clocked with his own battle axe has the exact same effect on me!
3)I think the entire city is populated by endless numbers of clones of the same breeding pair.
4)Oh Dragun knows his own strength all right... there is never anything inadvertent about any puppy squeezing he gets involved with.
5)Thank you very much, Sparkle! Although I still think that a magnalaser of scorching doom would be an even better superpower, I will take what I can get.

P.S. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Bring on your pack of hyena shysters, S.A.! I've GOT your picture of Dragun, and I'm not giving it back, see? You won't take me alive, see? This is WAR, see?! (Although I have a very short attention span, so it's more likely to be a lackadaisical slappy fight that I wander away from to do a little light dusting.)