Thursday, September 28, 2006

The International Language Of Wieners

Nothing says "Really Israeli" like Sweet & Sour Wiener Balls

Those Black Forest Frankfurters sound just strange enough for me to actually try. If any of these recipes have whet your appetites please feel free to print & clip the coupon below and take it to your local Super WalMart... I'm sure that they'll accept it!


eviedee said...

This. is. so. awesome!
The sad part is, I have made a VERY similar fondue recipe, only with sausages.

Curly Wurly said...

I'm floored! I have to say, this is the greatest blog post I have ever seen! I wish I had this book in my collection! I also wish they still made cookbooks like this. Who knew you could do so much with franks?

Anyway, this is Curly Wurly (Maria's my real name.. shhh!), and I just wanted to thank you for 1) linking to my blog because I believe this would be my first link!, thereby allowing me 2) to discover your blog, which is even MORE exciting.. You've made yourself a new fan!

Steven Altis said...

Thanks CW!

I knew that I'd be linking to your blog the minute I saw the awesome Jello posts! Yes, I hate to say it but I must... you had me at Jello.

Curly Wurly said...

See, and I thought Jello would send people away in droves (not that there are droves to send away)! Ha! Well, what can I say? Vegetables trapped in aspic.. completes me.