Thursday, September 14, 2006

Superkernel: The Bonus Material

There was a ton of Superkernel stuff that I scanned that just didn't fit anywhere in our 4 part look at the Corn of Steel, so let's cram it all into one post and call it a bonus!

First let's discuss Superbucks-
Superbucks were printed on the back of certain issues of "Superkernel Comics" and were redeemable for all sorts of Superkernel Swag and some other junk as well...

I collected enough 'bucks over the years to get myself the frisbee, the light switch cover, the DC super-hero book covers and that very cool tote bag which I own to this day. I wanted that puzzle as well, but they stopped carrying it before I had accumulated enough cash. In later issues of the comic all the cool Superkernel stuff was dropped in favor of boring (and more expensive) Grit-like prizes of generic AM/FM radios, thermos jugs and the oddest thing of all- "The Better Homes & Garden Family Medical Guide!" Wonder how many kids shelled out 7 Superbucks + 8.50 for that?

Every issue of "Superkernel Comics" included two pages of 'Superkernel's Amazin' Games.' These were printed on the opposite sides of a mini-poster centerfold of one of the Cornville cast, so most of the comics I own are missing them. I tore those posters out and hung them on my wall until they had disintegrated into nothingness. These four pages are all that remain-

I can make a lot more than eight words out of 'producer' and only about half of them are dirty.

If the main Superkernel story ran short of eight pages, then a one page gag strip would take up the slack. The Space-Niks usually appeared on the game pages in a two or three panel strip, but here they graduate to the big time-

Besides the one-page gags, C.C Ghoul & The Gang also made occasional appearances in the main Superkernel story. It was like when the cast of Scooby-Doo would show up on Dynomutt-

Beside C. C. & the Count, the Gang also consisted of a stunted little werewolf named Lynx, a talking potted plant named Jules Fern and a mummy, an invisible man, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon-type critter who's names escape me.

Finally, Superkernel shills for the Sweet Pickles book club-

And that's it for Superkernel, until I inevitably come across more related junk in some dark corner of the house, in which case- prepare yourselves for Superkernel: The Director's Cut!

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TomH said...

Wow, thanks for posting all this info! I used to have a bunch of Superkernel comics back in the day. I don't know what happened to them; my mom insists she didn't throw them out. And finding any information about them online is very difficult. So I really appreciate all the work you did scanning the pages and telling us as much as you know about it! I'm glad someone else remembers him and cared enough to share this.

(And, yes, I do realize these posts are from 12 years ago, which make it all the more astonishing that I was able to find this in a Google search. Your blog from back then is apparently still the top source for information on this comic. So thanks again! I hope you'll see this.) :)