Thursday, September 14, 2006

Superkernel: The Bonus Material

There was a ton of Superkernel stuff that I scanned that just didn't fit anywhere in our 4 part look at the Corn of Steel, so let's cram it all into one post and call it a bonus!

First let's discuss Superbucks-
Superbucks were printed on the back of certain issues of "Superkernel Comics" and were redeemable for all sorts of Superkernel Swag and some other junk as well...

I collected enough 'bucks over the years to get myself the frisbee, the light switch cover, the DC super-hero book covers and that very cool tote bag which I own to this day. I wanted that puzzle as well, but they stopped carrying it before I had accumulated enough cash. In later issues of the comic all the cool Superkernel stuff was dropped in favor of boring (and more expensive) Grit-like prizes of generic AM/FM radios, thermos jugs and the oddest thing of all- "The Better Homes & Garden Family Medical Guide!" Wonder how many kids shelled out 7 Superbucks + 8.50 for that?

Every issue of "Superkernel Comics" included two pages of 'Superkernel's Amazin' Games.' These were printed on the opposite sides of a mini-poster centerfold of one of the Cornville cast, so most of the comics I own are missing them. I tore those posters out and hung them on my wall until they had disintegrated into nothingness. These four pages are all that remain-

I can make a lot more than eight words out of 'producer' and only about half of them are dirty.

If the main Superkernel story ran short of eight pages, then a one page gag strip would take up the slack. The Space-Niks usually appeared on the game pages in a two or three panel strip, but here they graduate to the big time-

Besides the one-page gags, C.C Ghoul & The Gang also made occasional appearances in the main Superkernel story. It was like when the cast of Scooby-Doo would show up on Dynomutt-

Beside C. C. & the Count, the Gang also consisted of a stunted little werewolf named Lynx, a talking potted plant named Jules Fern and a mummy, an invisible man, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon-type critter who's names escape me.

Finally, Superkernel shills for the Sweet Pickles book club-

And that's it for Superkernel, until I inevitably come across more related junk in some dark corner of the house, in which case- prepare yourselves for Superkernel: The Director's Cut!

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