Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Kernel Of Truth & Justice: Part 3 of 4

Today's post is a gallery of covers from my personal "Superkernel Comics" collection. If you pay attention to the volume and issue numbers as you go along you'll see that my collection is far from complete. Who knows in what dark and dusty corner of my parent's house those missing issue may hide...

As you look at the scans you can't help but see that very noticeable crease running across the center of each book. "Superkernel Comics" were shipped in a box half the size of the comic itself so each issue was folded sharply in half. Plus the comics were printed on paper of such low quality that even Taco Bell wouldn't stuff there burritos with the junk. That sentence didn't really make any sense, but if you don't think about it at all it at least sounds like it should be funny. Those two facts combine to make a mint condition copy of "Superkernel Comics" one of the rarest items on Earth. If you are lucky enough to own a creaseless copy of any issue it could well be worth millions! But it probably is not.

I've included a brief synopsis of each issue's story in case your curiousity is piqued by the cover:

Doctor Mort cures a cat who has lost his appetite then almost ends up as his next meal! Oh, no!

Rudolph has a falling out with the cast and quits as producer! Then he comes back just in time for everyone to throw him a surprise birthday party!

Big Bug tries to trick Hoot into thinking his new house is haunted, but Superkernel sees right through his scheme.

It's Jack & The Beanstalk, Superkernel style!

Professor Calendarie takes SK, L'il Kernel and Rudolph on a trip through time where they meet historical versions of all their friends and foes!

C. C. Ghoul & The Gang arrive in Coolville and the Superkernel gang learn a lesson about judging people on the way they look. It's wrong or something... I wasn't really paying attention.

The story of Mort & Mary Lou's entire courtship is told leading up to the wedding of the century as the two mice finally tie the knot! Have I mentioned what a bitch Mary Lou was?

Superkernel's greatest foes team-up to destroy him with a dastardly plan envolving mind control, killer robots and a water hose! Sounds like just another Saturday night to me!

The Secret Origin issue! It's kinda lame, but I'm still reprinting it for you in the next post!

Superkernel dreams that he's a marshall in the Old West facing off against Big Bug in the O'Corn Corral.

A swingin' sock hop is really just a cover for Big Bug's latest scheme to snatch the Unecorns!

Big Bug fires Videot who wanders around aimlessly until Big Bug realizes that he misses him.

Be with us next time for The Secret Origin of Superkernel! And I'll maybe reprint another issue as well if I've got the time...


Anonymous said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading about Superkernel... It was a book I enjoyed at a rather late age. (I discovered a copy at a family friend's house. Their daughter had one.)

Ever seen the first few issues of Volume 1?

Steven Altis said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've got a few more Superkernel odds & ends that I keep meaning to post... maybe this will light a fire under my kettle.

If I ever had or saw the earlier volumes I've forgotten all about. 'course, who knows what's lurking up in my parent's attic.