Friday, September 01, 2006

"Put A King In Your Kitchen!"

If that wasn't the motto of the Monarch Range Company then it shoulda been! It's catchy, it's clever and it's got alliteration! Basic Marketing 101 concept- alliteration sells! And let's not think I'm being sexist by assuming that the Monarch in question was a king and not a queen. It's just that this was the 1950's we're talking about here, so let's not kid ourselves!

I don't know anything about the Monarch company other then what I read in "Dora's Diary Recipe Book" the back of which out of these came. That sentence makes my head tingle! Dora was an idiot maid who's wacky antics in trying to whip up an evening meal for her employers were shared with us in cartoon form on alternating pages of this give-away pamphlet. Alternating with all sorts of wholesome 1950's recipes with ingredients ranging from cups of lard to twenty whole eggs to arsenic! That would be funny if it was true. None of those cartoons or recipes were worth scanning but the ads in the back pages caught my eye and are presented here for your enjoyment. The main reason I'm posting them is because they're all cool & purple-y and purple, you may have noticed, is the official third color of the 'Plastic Pumpkins' blog! Posting purple things is good feng shui...

Was that Liza Minelli in that first photo?

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