Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Kernel Of Truth & Justice: Part 4 of 4

It's the super secret Secret Origin of Superkernel today! Sort of. Point of fact, you don't really learn all that much about Superkernel's background in this issue's story. No hint as to where he came from or how he got those amazing corn-fueled powers of his, all you really get is a brief mention of how he and Hoot came to be best friends and then how they both ended up starring in a comic book all their own. So it's really more the super secret Secret Origin of "Superkernel Comics" when you think about it. But you really shouldn't. Think about it, that is. It's not worth wasting the brain cells over.

This story first appeared in vol. 3 iss. 12 of the comic book and could very well be the last original story created for the book. Every issue I have of vol. 4 of the series is a reprint of an earlier issue. The story would serve well as a last issue as it's a nostalgic summation of all the previous issues with a reassurance at the end that Superkernel would still be having new adventures aplenty, even if nobody would ever again put them to paper.

So without further ado-

And while that story served as a nice introduction to the world of Superkernel it was short of actual story and not very heavy on the humor. So I'm throwing in another issue for you as well, my personal favorite. This is an alternate universe story. A What If? An Elseworlds. It's Superkernel Old West style and it still makes me chuckle when I read it today. Reprinted in vol. 4 iss. 1 from one of the very earliest issues of "Superkernel Comics"-

Made me laugh!

Don't go away (well you can go away, but be sure to come back sometime) 'cause there's more Superkernel goodness in our next post! But wait, you say, isn't this post clearly labelled as being 'Part 4 of 4?' How could there be more goodness of the Superkernel kind still ahead? Because in this day and age the consumer demands much more from the products they buy or happen upon with the "Next Blog" button, so our next post features- Superkernel Bonus Material!

At no extra charge.

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AThomic1 said...

There's actually a different origin story out there, probably in the first volume. I got to read it once while visiting relatives, but never managed to collect the series myself, so I can't review the details. Here's what I remember, more or less:

One day, Coot and Gladys leave Hoot to watch over the Unecorns when they head out of town for some reason. I know, it breaks continuity with this story, but it was him or some other incompetent. In any case, after he falls asleep watching over them, they're kidnapped by Big Bug. The elders return to find their poor boy in tears, with nothing left of the Unecorns but a single kernel of corn.

Now, if I remember right, they decide to cook it up, that being the only food left in the place. I know, that probably sounds all sorts of wrong, but somehow that kernel winds up in a pan on the stove, and with an ominous rumble, and a mighty **!!POP!!** a new superhero is born!

Seriously. I'm not making that up.

While it's been ages, now, I want to say thanks for posting all the Superkernel stuff. I've been interested in the Gilchrists' work, off and on, ever since I learned his Mudpie character went back at least to 1972, and later discovered his name on my sister's copy of Ghoul and the Gang's Monster Mix-Ups. Then, today, I thought of Superkernel, and got to thinking that looked like his style, and sure enough, here you are to confirm it! Yeah, maybe it doesn't amount to a hill of free birdseed in the great desert of life, but thanks again for sharing it!