Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad, Bad Puppies

Reactions to the 'Sad, Sad Kitty' post were mixed to say the least. As with all great art, 'Sad Black Velvet Kitty' was different things to different people... from reproachful cosmic Watcher to cute black velvet kitty. I think I like the cute black velvet kitty interpretation the best... the other makes me unable to look at 'Sad Black Velvet Kitty' without feeling massively guilty about all the disposable diapers I've flung out of my car windows over the years. No, I don't have any children... why do you ask?

I think that we'll all be able to agree on today's post. These are two bad mo' fo doggies we're looking at here. Obviously the Bonnie & Clyde of dachshunds, these two innocent looking puppies must have been a couple of bad seeds to deserve the fates depicted in these paint-by-number pictures-

- these puppies' souls burn in the very pits of H-E-double-hockey-sticks itself! And not only do they burn, they burn amidst a sea of ironically placed cat tails! Rub it in Satan! Rub it in good!

Amateurish camera flash reflection makes it appear as if this second puppy may yet have hope of celestial ascension, but don't be fooled. These two canines are on the books for a damnation of the eternal kind. Chewing up their owner's slippers, piddling on the new parquet or poking kitties with pointy sticks... I don't know what these fellows did but it was bad! Bad, bad, bad! These are bad, bad puppies!

And I made it through this entire post without resorting to any 'hot dog' type puns. Thank you.


Rozum said...

I'll refrain from any long-winded pseudo-scholarly interpretation of these puppies, but will in fact point out that maybe those aren't cattails, but weiners roasting on a stick, hammering home the visual pun because at the final moment, the artist lost the confidence that his ability would convey the message through dogs and fire alone.

Oops, there I go again.

Smurfwreck said...

Man-o-Man-o-Man. Don't Ignore the Hounds of Hell, Don't Avoid the beasts of Brimstone, do not turn away from the ... puppies ... of ... purgatory? (Man, I just massacred that Kids inthe Hall quote...)