Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hallowe'en 2006: A Retrospective

Betcha thought that you had seen the last of the Hallowe'en posts around here, didn't you? Well, no such luck pal. Hallowe'en, much like the Super Bowl, is the kind of event that can't just be over. To truly ween yourself off of your high you need a good 2-3 hour long post-game show to sit through while waiting for "The Simpsons" to come on. Consider this post to be your step-down drug before heading off into the non-holiday joyland that is November.

Basically, I'm just blowing off a few after Hallowe'en odds and ends. First let's focus on the greatest part of any holiday- the after-holiday sales! A lot of people (myself included) complain about holiday goods showing up in stores 4-5 months before the actual holiday and as annoying as that is there is one up side to this modern retail blight... stores have no patience with unsold holiday goodies. Five minutes after midnight the 75% percent off signs go up. I'd buy a sack full of plague rats if the words "75% Off!" were scrawled in Magic Marker across the burlap. Speaking of which, let's look at all the lovely loot I hauled in today- -a bag of skull-shaped candy cups, a tin bucket with a witch painted on the side, a little glass candy jar decorated with jack-o'-lanterns, an awesome headless skeleton candle holder (that weighs a ton and a quarter), a jack-o'-lantern serving plate, a ghost-shaped cookie jar, and a year's supply of M&M's represented here by a single spokesbag. And best of all, who would have thought that you could by a Mothman pinata at your local Target. Total price for all this goodness- 47 cents. Or somewhere under 30 bucks at least.


Most disturbing thing to ever happen on Hallowe'en? The appearance of an almost legitimately amusing 'Family Circus' cartoon! The 'lumberjack-o'-lantern' actually caused the corner of one side of my mouth to curl up in an almost smile-like gesture. What does this mean? Is this the End Time? Will tomorrow's panel depict grandpa's spirit returning from Heaven to carry the family off into Glory? Well, all except Jeffy of course. He's pulled that 'Not Me' crap one too many times.

In the last two weeks leading up to Hallowe'en I started keeping track of the various different search phrases that were leading people to this blog. I found the list entertaining, so maybe you will too!

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And my personal favorite-
shake shake shake bootie simpson


Second most disturbing thing to ever happen on Hallowe'en? The local dementia care center advertised all last week for a 'Halloween Boo House!" Dementia patients, spooky haunted house, fun-seeking patrons... it's a slasher flick waiting to happen. In fact I think it has happened. Several times...


And before we call the time on this thing once and for all I'd just like to thank everybody who came and visited this blog during the last month (and before) and initiate one big round of applause for all the other folks out there who spent the month of October blogging like crazy people most especially the guys at Secret Fun Blog, Neato Coolville, John, Tikiranch, and Senses Working Overtime who all managed the almost impossible task of posting every day (or near enough.) If you enjoyed visiting their blogs as much as I did go over and drop them a comment letting them know. Don't worry, you don't have to say anything bitingly witty or brilliantly original... "Thanks" would be just perfect! And another big thank you to all the folks who plugged this blog in their own- you are all the coolest people in the whole wide world!

And that is that! I think that my watch words for November will be "Takin' it easy!" I'll be going lite on the posting for the most part so that I'll be good and ready for December when I'll probably go all nuts with the Christmas stuff! Kinda looking forward to it...

See you soon!


Kirk D. said...

Last year there was a Halloween Family Circus that caused me to laugh out loud and I even cut it out and hung it on my fridge.

It was a Sunday, full color edition that simply showed the kids and dad gleefully entering a haunted house at an amusement park, then the next panel showed them all weeping and clinging to father as they came out.

funny 'cause it's true.

Rozum said...

This was a pleasant surprise. I stopped by to see what the post-Halloween posts would be like, and there it was, one final treat.

Thanks again!