Monday, November 27, 2006

Where In The World But Six Flags (Or The Castro)...

...could you ever see so much pink in one place? What's up with the pink, Six Flags Over Texas? That's too much pink! As if the background wasn't bad enough you had to go and spotlight various pink-ish things in the photographs, as well. What exactly are those pink blobby things that Jane Seymour and her toothy friend are so excited about? Why focus on the pink sky ride car when there are obviously other non-pink colored cars evident in the background? And why force your poor staff of underpaid high school students to parade around the park in pink candy striper outfits? (Although, I will admit that the cutie in the bottom right does manage to make the whole 'Gay Barbershop Quartet' look work for him.)

Was there a big sale on pink at the brochure store that day?

To add insult to my blog reader's injury... if pink had been one of the text-color options provided by Blogger then this whole post would have been in glorious "Techni-Pink Type!" Just imagine it!


Tony said...

"What exactly are those pink blobby things that Jane Seymour and her toothy friend are so excited about?"

Those were called, oddly enough, Pink Things and they had a number of stands throughout the park that sold them. I was partial to the Ooloo Fudge ice cream treats myself. The way they worked was that hidden inside the ice cream, attached to the plastic stick, was some sort of cartoony animal. They were pretty neat, but I don't think Six Flags sells them any more.

Thanks for reminding me about these!

Way Out Junk

Steven Altis said...

Wow! I didn't believe for a minute that anybody would actually know what those things were! Cool! I was betting on them being some sort of compact cotton candy item, I wouldn't think that a hunk of ice cream on a stick would last very long on a summer's day in Texas...

So were "Pink Things" (who got paid to think up that name?) popular enough to explain the horrible coloring choice that was made in regards to this brochure? Were they a big enough draw to base promo material around?