Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sad, Sad Kitty

So, the first non-Hallowe'en post in over a month. I've been planning this one for quite a little while now I have to tell you. I knew that it would have to be something big. Really, really big! This post is the post that will not only serve as the standard bearer for the entire month of November, but it also has to work a little amnesiacal hoodoo and erase all memories of jack-o'-lanterns, construction paper ghosts and "The Monster Mash" from the collective memories of the ones upon ones of people who visit this blog on a regular basis. I thought long and hard about just which piece of valueless junk could pull off this dirty (but necessary) double-duty when I suddenly realized that the answer was staring me right in the face. And I mean that literally. I give you-

"Sad Black Velvet Kitty!" How could you not love "Sad Black Velvet Kitty?" Look at how sad he is! He's sad because he's missing half his eyelid whiskers and because he's hanging a little crooked on my wall, which is something that I did not notice until I was cropping the picture. I will go straighten him out as soon as I'm done with this post thus making him "Slightly Less Sad Black Velvet Kitty" I bought this lovely piece of thartwork for one buck back in mid-October and have been chomping at the bit to post him ever since. What I like the most about him is that he is so very sad. And that he is painted onto black velvet. And that his eyes and his somehow-unable-to-make-him-happy toy ball are the same shade of "1930's Retirement Home Bluey-Green" with just a hint of "Mid-Century Laguna Beach Pink" added to the ball so as to keep it from being mistaken for a third giant disembodied eyeball, which would have suggested a scene not entirely in line with the one the artist was envisioning, I think.

"Sad Black Velvet Kitty" is a perfect addition to my personal thart gallery and hangs proudly beside two previously purchased thematic kinfolk to whom I'll be introducing you in the next post.


Rozum said...

No wonder this kitten is so sad, burdened with watching over the earth, filled with blackness and a lack of hope so umbearable, that the poor creature reluctantly gives in, and opens the earth just wide enough to let us all gaze upon its joyless interior. Perhaps the kitten pleads with us to do something to change the fate of the world? Perhaps, the artist behind this piece, communicates that it is already too late. I think not. The pink lustre of a dawning new day emerges from beneath the globe, one day to cover it with its warm, transforming light. Hurrah!

eviedee said...

Hmmm I feel the need to make a comment in sharp contrast to the above comment. Here goes,
Ooh a velvet kitty! I heart velvet kitties!

Todd Franklin said...

There's something about black velvet framed pictures that is... well I can't put my finger on it, but I like 'em and I like Sad Black Velvet Kitty too!