Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tales Of Fantastic Horrors!- A Multi-Part Blogging Event

I had originally intended to present the entire story of the Fantastic Four's Big Little Book adventures in the House of Horrors in one big post, editing the story down (a la the 'Pink Fink' epic) to just the highlights, but let's face it- Big Little Books may be little, but they sure are big! No way you're editing one of these stout little tomes down to blog-friendly Twiggy-ness, especially not one that's nothing but highlights! So I'm devoting the next three or four posts to presenting this chunky epic in it's entirety- well, half it's entirety at least. I'm not including the word pages, just the picture pages. Nobody ever read the word pages, anyway. The picture pages were the only thing a person ever bought a Big Little Book for. That and the tiny little flippy picture in the top corner of the picture pages, of which there is none in this particular BLB! Also, I'm not really scanning all of the picture pages cause that would be a lot of picture pages. Most of them will be here, just not boring close-ups of Reed saying "Let's go gang!" and that kind of stuff.

And so, with no further ado, Part One of "Tales of Fantastic Horrors!" -

Was Ben getting ready to slug Sue right before the floaty gravestone appeared?

Johnny Storm was the World's Second Greatest Detective after Batman, but only because Batman wouldn't needed to have Dr. Weird actually sign his death challenge to figure out that it was from him.

Sue's inching her way across the crocodile pit on Reed's arm instead of just making a big ol' force field bridge for them all to walk across? I can already tell that she's going to be completely useless for the remainder of the story.

And that's where we have to leave our clingy-suited quartet for now. Join us in our next post when we learn just what sorts of unspeakable terrors await the Four within the walls of... "The House of Horrors!!!"

It's some snakes and an old furnace.


Cat said...

Used this info for a trivia contest this weekend...thank you so much!

Steven Altis said...

Glad to be of help! I kind of suspected something like this was going on when I got an obscene amount of hits from Wisconsin/Illinois/Minnesota between 4:45 and 4:48 Sunday evening. Figured that probably wasn't just a coincidence! :)