Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hallowe'en Peanut Butter

After that title I bet you were all expecting to see a photo of some old jar of Hallowe'en-themed peanut butter, weren't you? Nothing as cool as that I'm afraid. Peanut Butter was the name of a magazine that was published as a companion to Wow magazine, aimed at a slightly younger audience. My brother was subscribed to Peanut Butter while I got Wow. Since he doodled in my Wow it's only fair that I swiped his Peanut Butter.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Altis continues to ignore the fact that "Peanut Butter" was simply the pretty publication of the nototriously evil military/industrial complex-front company, Uncle Morty's Red-Eye Gravy Mixes.

nearly ever panel of a Peanut Butter magazine drips with gravy-buying propaganda. Mr. Altis knows this and does nothing about it? Why? I suggest you check Mr. Altis' Campaign financiing disclosure forms for the years 1952-1956 inclusive.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Altis cannot be expected to keep track of all the little hobbies of every person who's ever contributed money to any of his many (and might I add, frequently unindicted) forays into the political arena.

Besides, during the years which you mentioned in your cowardly unsigned post Mr. Altis was away in some non-Communist country engaging in some very non-Communist business.

So there.