Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Naming Of Pumpkins: Finale

I hate to rush this but there's a trick or treat bag sitting here that's not gonna fill itself up, so let's roll out the last of our plastic pumpkins!


Our first two pumpkins share a striking resemblance to each other, earning them the names Huey and Louie. That's Huey on the left and Louie down below. Or is it vice verse? I can never tell them apart unless they're wearing their different colored ballcaps. Huey wears red and Louie wears yellow. Or is it vice verse?

But just check out the similarities between the two. Same rainbow arc eyes, triangular nose (Although Louie's is more arrow-shaped. Yes, I can really tell them apart!) even their teeth are similar, just flip-flopped. They make for a nice, though incomplete, pair. Somewhere out there is a Dewey with my name on it!

Here's a brand spanking new face making their world premiere here tonight. So new that I didn't even have time to sticky roll the black background for her official photo. I picked her up at a thrift store just yesterday and as you can tell by the Reese's Pumpkins sticking out of her head we've already pressed her into Hallowe'en night duty.

I nearly passed her by because she was in the midst of a pile of generic pails and didn't seem different enough to leap out at me. As I wandered around to the opposite side of the table I noticed that she was back-stamped! I don't know how rare that is generally speaking, but she's only the second one in my collection. Her stampings are similar to the other one (who we met in a previous post) but instead of a cat she's got herself a witch on her backside. She's too new to have revealed her name, but hopefully we'll know by this time next year.

And lastly, but in no way leastly, here's Bettie! Bettie demanded she be last because she's got a streak of the dramatic in her. That's not the only thing streaking through her. Let's just say, that Bettie is the 'Betty' of our plastic pumpkins. She beautiful and she knows it and she works it to her advantage. She also has a bit of the bandit in her. While basically good-hearted, Bettie can't resist the sparklies. If any of my jewels or silver go missing, they usually turns up inside Bettie.

And that's it for our month long trick or treat bucket showcase and that's it as well for this crazy month long celebration of all things Hallowe'enish that we've found ourselves in. I hope that you've all had some fun this month and will have even more fun this evening! I'm off to hand out some candy, do a little trick or treating myself and then wrap the whole evening up by partying like I wasn't pushing forty. I will never learn! Happy Hallowe'en everybody!

Hey, what's that waiting for me in the front hall?

Could it possibly be...?

Yes!! It's a big ol' box chock fulla new, hot off the eBay plastic pumpkins! You know what this means don't you?

To be continued next year!!


Todd Franklin said...

It was nice meeting all your pumpkin pals and I'll look forward to meeting the new ones next year.
Happy Halloween!

Rozum said...

Thanks for sharing all of your great stuff and improving my enjoyment of the holiday.