Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Knit Of The Living Dead

My grandmother use to be a crazy crocheting machine and over the years she made many, many cool things for her grandchildren & great-grandchildren including giant (nearly three feet tall) floppy frog people with long Doctor Who-ish scarves, spaceships full of tiny green finger puppet aliens and animal hand puppets with big red tongues you could wiggle with finger power. She also crocheted a Christmas stocking for me, my brother, our cousins and all their kids which we all still use and made each of her grandchildren a huge afghan when they graduated high school. She gave me tons of neat things which I still have sitting around the house... however, she never made me a blood-covered zombie. Why, I'll never know. If I knew how to crochet then the first thing popping out of my needles would be a horde of the living dead.

If you do knit and are looking for some awesome Hallowe'en ideas then follow this link for a look at "Yarn of the Dead." (Runner-up for this post's title. Couldn't waste a perfectly good pun now could I?) If you don't knit then just print out some of those pictures and give them to your grandma along with a couple of skeins of yarn in "Rotting Flesh Blue."


Deepak Gopi said...

Beautiful blog

Todd Franklin said...

These are ghastly good!