Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Theatre Of Blood!

The Dixie Theatre in Staunton, Va probably in 1973 which is when "The Vault of Horror" came out. It probably wasn't actually released anytime near Hallowe'en though, 'cause that would make too much sense. I'm not old enough to remember that strange orange color scheme, but I do remember the day they chopped ol' Dixie up. Sliced the poor old girl right down the middle so as to make two theaters out of her. Sad, but at the time I remember it being quite the thrill in our little town to be able to go to one movie theater and have your pick between two different movies! Of course, they didn't stop there and if you drive by the Dixie today you'll find about fifteen different movies being shown in any given week. Reading the marquee nowadays requires some sort of IMDB Rosetta Stone- "Tex Mass Season G2 Emp Month Pirate Snakes"


Bully said...

There's still some solid indie 1-screen theaters like this in Seattle--I don't live there, but I get there about 6 or so times a year. Half the delight is the obvious fun that whoever puts up the lettered signs outside has: most of the movie titles are accompanied by a quick one-liner below. March of the Penguins had below it "Ice, Ice, Baby!" and The Aristocrats had "Danny Tanner says #&%!"

Incidently, I would line up so early for a movie called "Pirate Snakes."

Todd Franklin said...

Cool theater photo!