Thursday, October 19, 2006

Terror Of Simzilla!

The light of the October moon glistening off his armor-like scales, Godzilla rises once again from the dark depth's of SimCity harbor. What foul tricks has he in store for the noble city this dark evening?

The big Hallowe'en party is tonight! Godzilla needs a kick-ass costume, pronto!

Godzilla does not like sharks. They bite Godzilla's toes.

Too Christmas-y.

Too Easter-y.

"Zilla. Godzilla."


Even in drag, Godzilla is hot!

It troubles Godzilla that he can not see his head.

Godzilla already has a brain, thank you very much Mr. Wizard.

Too tight! Too tight! Godzilla looks like a supermodel!

Wait a minute...

Oh, yeah! This little baby will be turning a few heads tonight!

This party is off the hook and Godzilla's costume is the center of attention!

"Shake, shake, shake... shake your bootie!"

"Shake, shake, shake... shake your boot-"


Godzilla hates Hallowe'en

The End?


isthisforanyonebutme said...

That made me giggle to myself.

Rozum said...

Consider me amused as well.

Kirk D. said...

lol! And I'm not just typing that.