Monday, October 08, 2007

Bear In The Big Boo House

A 1986 Shoney Bear comic book may not be vintage enough to be of any historical interest, but the Walt Kelly-esque sense of satire makes this a fast food giveaway worth posting about!

Bunny's notorious partying ways would lead to a bitter falling out between him and Shoney Bear during their freshman year at college when the rabbit got wasted on Jello carrot salad shooters at a Greek Week kegger and tried to tongue kiss the recently born-again spokesbear.

"Frighty night?" Really, Gran'pa? Even I wouldn't stoop that low for a pun.

And since we're here anyway, we may as well all take the Fire Prevention IQ test. Pencil's ready... and begin!

Pencils down!

I got a '2' but then I do love to see things burn...


Rozum said...

I tried reading that comic, but I kept getting dizzy. I woke up with this really intense ear ache this morning, and my whole head feels like it's full of bugs. I can't imagine what's causing it, the only thing that I've done differently lately, was that I left my computer on all night last night, though I don't see how that could be the cause of this.

Steven A. said...

There's been a lot of that going around... most be some kind of head cold. Take some echinacea and get plenty of sleep. Lots and lots and lots of sleep...

Plast- err, I mean that Steve guy.