Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jack O' Lantern & Jill O' Ween

Let's ease into our Hallowe'en postings with a mellow little late-70's issue of Jack & Jill magazine which may not be chock full of Hallowe'en richness, but makes up for it by sporting a cool seasonal cover by Jim Scancarelli and by allowing me to title this post with a painfully bad pun. Any day that I can do that is a holiday in my mind!

How ass-kicked do you have to want to be to call a paper bag with a Christmas tree drawn on it a "Hallowe'en costume?"


Shawn Robare said...

You know as a Freudian slip I ended up calling Halloween Christmas up until I was five or so. "What ya gonna dress up as for Christmas..." I'd say. Maybe I needed to wear the Christmas-Tree-Bag-Dunce Cap...

Sparkle Plenty said...

Greetings, Steven A.!

I found you through Secret Fun Blog, and I'm diggin' what you're doin'! I love me some Godzilla, and your Simzilla gives me a monstrous case of the giggles. Is it okay with you if I add a link to you in my list of creme de la creme blogger Guys and Dolls (I love me some movie musicals, too)? Either way, I and my cadre of plastic dinosaurs salute you! :-)

Yours Very Toho-ly,
Sparkle Plenty

Steven A. said...

That is an odd slip of the tongue, Shawn. I wonder what to make of it. It almost seems as if you actually prefered Christmas over Halloween and your subconscious was just trying to tell the world that you wanted to get all that Trick or Treating nonsense out of the way so that you could get on with the good stuff. However, I refuse to believe that this could be true.

I'd be delighted to be added to your blogroll, Ms. Plenty. Plastic pumpkins and plastic dinosaurs go together like chocolate and peanut butter!