Tuesday, October 30, 2007

He's Got The Look

"And now coming to you live from the Patricia Routledge Pavilion in Merseyside it's the ultimate Hallowe'en Staredown Grudge Match!"

"In this corner, defending not only his championship belt but also the honor of his family (and they are legion) name..."

"...Plastic Jack!!!!"

"And in the far corner... accused of besmirching the character and quality craftsmanship of Mr. Jack with cheap paper knock-offs..."



"Gentleman.... begin staring!"

"Does anyone else smell burning feathers?"



Sparkle Plenty said...

OH, MAN! How did you KNOW I was hoping for this match-up?! And yet, Freaky-Ass-Naked-Fleshy-Feathery-Nipple-Eyed-Conjoined-Chicken-Man-Thing-Creature-Beast-In-Pixie-Boots rose from the garbage, did he/it not? Thus, I'm on the record as believing deeply in his "comeback" potential.

Steven A. said...

You can't keep a good Freaky-Ass-Naked-Fleshy-Feathery-Nipple-Eyed-Conjoined-Chicken-Man-Thing-Creature-Beast-In-Pixie-Boots down in the dumps for long.