Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Midnight Confessions

Whew! That's another Hallowe'en over and done with! Time to post my after-holiday Hallowe'en wrap-up... what's this? Looks like PJ was just using the computer... he's left his email up. Hmmm....

'Thank you for opening a MyDemonSpace account?'

'You've placed the winning bid on'

'Here's the latest news from 365Demon?'

'Pazuzu666 has listed you as a friend?'

'Special offer only for members of the Nancy Grace Fan Club!?!'

Oh my gosh! I wonder if all those things people have been saying about PJ could be true?

Oh! Um, hey! Hi! Hi there! I was just... that is... I was... I mean. I wasn't snooping through your emails if that's what you think. I mean they were right there in front of me and I... maybe I noticed a couple of them, but... um...

Look. I've got something I want to ask you and, well I'm just gonna come right out and ask it.

Are you... are you by any chance...

Are you a demon?

Oh, man! I can't believe it! And after I've spent this past month defending you to all those people... how could you go and lie to me like that?

'...Inadvertently given you information?' That day in the thrift store when we met I specifically asked you if you were a demon and you said 'Jeepers, no!'

You lied. Well, that's just great. And after I told you that my landlady asked me not to keep any more than two demons in the house at a time!

Well, you have me on that one. Still, she lives right up the street. What if she Alice Kravitz around the place and spots you? I just moved a couple months ago, I don't want to have to go through all that again!

That was you? They blamed the neighbor's dog for that!

'Ooopsie' is right. They put Fluffernutter to sleep, you know.

That was nice of you, I suppose.


What kind of demon are you, exactly?



Rozum said...

That final Halloween post ended this year's countdown on the perfect note. I got a lot of enjoyment out of your offerings this year. Let's do this again sometime.

FencerScott said...

So is this the end of the adventures of Plastic Jack? Say it isn't so! Can't Halloween be a year round event? :)

Sparkle Plenty said...

Oooooooh...there's NO way that can be the end of Plastic Jack's adventures. I've seen too many horror movies to buy that. Even if you buried him in the back yard (not that you ever, ever WOULD of course), in the final frame of the movie you'd see his little shoe kicking up through the dirt. The End. it?

(Can you confirm something for me? Plastic Jack likes to wear a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, right? That's what that is? And, a matching pudding cap? I think it's the outfit that spooks me as much as the evil doin'...)

Steven A. said...

I think that we have seen the last of PJ... for now. I have very little control over both this blog and the plastic critters who inhabit it so I'm sure he'll be popping in for the odd special occassion. (I can already picture him in his little Santa hat!)

And now that you've put the image into my head, Sparkle, I will always think of that as a Little Lord Fauntleroy get up he's wearing... even though it's just a dusty old pair of overalls!