Monday, October 29, 2007

Because There's No Such Thing As One Bad Joke Too Many...

Two things- Shouldn't it be 'snap, cackle, and pop?' And what the hell does 'Evil Kay Needle' even mean? Shouldn't puns at least make some kind of sense?


Steven said...

I think the "Evil Kay Needle" was supposed to be a pun on Evil Knievel, who was popular at the time.

FencerScott said...

That's what I thought as well. I used to be a fan of Knievel's when I was a little kid. Funny I didn't notice back then that he was rarely successful in his jumps!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Right you are! It should DEFINITELY be "snap, cackle, and pop"!

Excellent point by fencerscott. I bet lotsa kids re-enacted his stunts with matchbox and hot wheels and, uh, probably Schwinns, too (helllloooo, broken arm).

Raven said...

Just wanted to leave a comment after finding you through one of the other halloween countdown sites.
I loved reading this blog.
Thanks for the laughs and I hope
you continue.

Steven A. said...

Thank you, raven and I promise to keep on doing this at least until I'm distracted by something pretty!

I get the Evil Knievel reference it's just that the pun itself isn't very good since it doesn't really mean anything. It's just three random words that sound like 'Evil Knievel.' It annoys me...

And yeah, how many times did Evil actually make it all the way over whatever it was he was trying to jump?

SamRiddleburger said...

You sniveling kids!
How many times did Evil put his kiester on the line just to entertain you? A lot!
And now, 30 years later, you sit in your ivory tower taking potshots at an American hero!

Who cares if he missed a ramp or two? Perhaps we need to think about the ramps we've never taken! The challenges we were afraid to meet!
The red, white and blue jumpsuits we didn't have the guts to wear!

Evil may have overshot a ramp now and then but that was only because he had his hand (and his heart)on the throttle.

Much like Steve A., the Snake River Rocket Man of Halloween Blogs!

Evil and Steve, wherever you are, keep your engines revved and your feet on the pegs! Happy Landings!